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Mid-Hudson Valley - Kingston, New York

Upcoming Frolics - New Location in Accord

  • Saturday June 9 At "The Well" in Accord, NY

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    WHAT IS A FROLIC?   The Frolic is an all-ages dance party for dance lovers: This is not product, this is you finding a place to be you.  A not-for-profit all-volunteer dance event in the Mid-Hudson Valley (see schedule of events).  Frolic dances are alcohol free, smoke free, and drug free which keeps the focus on dancing. People of all kinds attend, ranging from people who are serious about dance and want to expand their experience and learn from other dancers, to people who just want to get down in a fun, open atmosphere.  No dance skills or partners are required! Just bring your dancing feet, socks or indoor-only soft-soled shoes*, and be prepared to boogie down.


    The Frolic has some amazing DJs who specialize in ever-changing tapestries of music designed to thrill the diverse tastes of all present.  We feature many different genres of music: R&B, Dubstep, Funk, House, Tribal, World, Soul, Hip Hop, Ambient, Latin, Reggae, African, Downtempo Trance, Electronica, Disco, Rock, and Pop favorites; this breadth of styles is a rare treat! Our DJs are constantly seeking hot new grooves and unearthing historical treasures and remixes. If you love dance and all kinds of music, this is the place for you!

    The Frolic is a member dance of Dance New England, a community of similar dances that stage wonderful dance workshop and camping events throughout the year. If there isn't a Frolic happening this weekend, and you're itchin' to move, check to see if there's a dance happening at New York City's Barefoot Boogie, or Northampton's Dance Spree, both DNE sister dances of the Freestyle Frolic. If you are further afield, check DNE's Directory of Dances for many offerings throughout the US and abroad.

    You may also view our Vision Statement, which further describes the Frolic's goals and policies.

    News and Announcements
    News and Announcements

    The organizers of the Frolic are trying to find out what kind of dance events would best serve our community.

    We want to discover what local people are hungry for, and to provide fertile ground to grow and evolve our events and offerings to best promote health, happiness, transformation and community enrichment -- all while having a really good time.

    GOT IDEAS?  Get involved!.

    All current Frolic events are now located at MaMA in Stone Ridge, NY.

    See Facebook for more details -- and Join the discussion!

    Schedule of Dance and Movement Events
    Schedule of Dance and Movement Events

    2018 Frolic Schedule

    Jan. 20 No August Dance, due to DNE Dance Camp DNE Dance Camp in Freedom, NH

    Feb. 17

    SATURDAY Potluck/ Snack, Hangout &
    Frolic All Ages Ecstatic Family Dance
    MaMA (Marbletown Multi-Arts) Stone Ridge, NY

    Mar. 17

    SATURDAY Potluck/ Snack, Hangout &
    Frolic All Ages Ecstatic Family Dance
    MaMA (Marbletown Multi-Arts) Stone Ridge, NY

    April 21

    SATURDAY Potluck/ Snack, Hangout &
    Frolic All Ages Ecstatic Family Dance
    MaMA (Marbletown Multi-Arts) Stone Ridge, NY

    May 19

    SATURDAY Potluck/ Snack, Hangout &
    Frolic All Ages Ecstatic Family Dance
    MaMA (Marbletown Multi-Arts) Stone Ridge, NY

    June 9

    SATURDAY Potluck Snack, Hangout &
    Frolic All Ages Ecstatic Family Dance
    At "The Well" in Accord NY
    Cost of our Dance Events
    Low Cost of Frolic Dances

    Our entrance fees are now based on honor system Donations*.

    2018 Indoor Admission Fees -- Suggested Donation
    Adult $10
    Sliding Scale available*
    Teens & Seniors $5
    Sliding Scale available*
    Child 12 or under Free
    Doorshift, Setup, & Takedown
    *Sliding scale available on request -- we don't want anyone price to stop anyone from attending the dance. Additional donations always welcome.
    Cost of Frolics

    The cost of Frolics is kept low by our incredible volunteer energy. Nobody in the Frolic community is paid for their time, not even the DJs. However, it does cost money to rent the space, buy equipment and supplies, and print mailings, so we do have a door fee. Additional donations are always welcome. Our break-even runs about $9~$13 per adult, but we don't want anyone to miss out due to lack of funds.

    Why the suggested rise to $10 from $5 flat? Five bucks is now worth less than $2.98 in buying power -- and 1993's $5 is worth $8.40 today, so keeping the price flat meant decreasing income every year for >20 years. Eventually the Frolic's leadership council decided that the "real-dollars" decrease, coupled with falling attendance after the 2008 crash, threatened our dance's survival.

    Because different people have differing economics, and we want our events affordable for everyone to come and have a great time -- we created a sliding scale, so no needs to pay more than they can afford. Also, people can attend FREE by volunteering, so everyone has multiple options, and the experience is still a bargain at any of these prices.

    Please consider helping us with the various tasks involved in setting up before, or taking down after, our dances. Working together can be nearly as rewarding as the dance itself!

    Location of our Dance Events
    Frolic Location


    Marbletown Multi-Arts Space (MaMA)  - Stone Ridge, NY
    Located at 3588 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484, right in the middle of town. It's a gorgeous converted church, with two function spaces downstairs and dance studio upstairs. It's just a few minutes from Kingston, New Paltz, and exit 19 on the NY thruway.   Lots of other activities happen there too -- see the MaMA web site.

    Mailing Lists

    Mailings / Announcements

    Our events are now posted on FACEBOOK, Web, Email, Twitter, Email lists, and hardcopy Postcards.

    We do still have a "Dates Only" (ultra low traffic) and "Frolic Announce" (medium low traffic) lists, but at this point, auto-submission to our mailing lists is broken; please sign up for email lists in person at a dance, or by emailing the contact address below.
    Contact Us
    Contacts / Communications

    There are so many people involved in the Frolic, from core Council Members to casual dancers who sometimes volunteer to setup a dance. Here's some contact methods for getting in touch with these folks:

    Email / Phone / URL
    Twitterverse Connection
    Facebook Page
    Frolic Announcements
    Facebook Group
    Social Media Community
    Meetup Group
    Social Dance Community
    Frolic Info Line
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